Saturday, July 25, 2009


sorry for the late updates... anyway i will not be using this blog anymore.. here is my new blog. Just transfer everything to wordpress! see ya there


Thursday, May 14, 2009


The day has finally set in,
My heart tumbled as each second passes,
Agitated butterfly rumbling in my stomach,
My frown face and sweaty palms protrayed,
Took each deep breath with a hesistation,
The direction of my life is to be determined today...

When i entered the hall,
My gaze were frozen,
And my mind replaying all those exam moments,
I must say i did not know how i fare,
I did not perform extremely good ,
nor did i did it badly,
I just do not know,
I fear for the unexpected...

The time has arrived,
the annoucement of results,
My heart started squeezing every chamber of blood into my brain,
I could feel the pulsation everywhere,
And million of sweat glands actively profuse its content out,
I just hope my name would be called..

Finally ..
After 5 years of struggling to achieve the reason to be here,
I manage to make my parents proud,
I've MADE IT!!!

(can u spot my post-exam nerdy haggard face??)

Thanx to my parents,
My bro and sis,
My relatives,
My bf,
My housemates,
My friends,
My lecturers,
All people that had leave a deep footprint on me..

Thank you..
Never would be here without you..

Anyway.. here i am busy with application, cleaning my room and preparing appreaciation dinner (if got things to do :)

*this post may be dramatic but i sincerely hope to express every single moment which i dread to be in again...

ANyway here are a few pics... more to come!

Us with external examiners and our lecturers..
Thank you teachers!

Okie, its time for me to miggle around with my pleasure time...
after i settle my stuff in kuching..
Penang here i come!!!

-IVY on cloud nine-

Monday, April 27, 2009



      6 more days .... i hope i can finish :( 
my memory is so lousy nowadays!!!
    back to my books for now..

-demented IVY-

Monday, April 20, 2009

- Clock's ticking, time's running out!-

How ? Why? What have i been doing for the past one week of my study leave... oh gosh! I dun wan to even mention how i spent NOT studying EFFICIENTLY most of the time :( .. anyway..  this two weeks is a crucial time for me to buck up what i left behind for the past 5 years of my medical studying life... I need to let it to consolidate into one piece of jelly-like structure (brain) and keep it in my healthy calcium rich helmet (skull)... 

Oh ya besides the fuss and buzz of how hectic and stressful my life in my study week.. i still get the time to watch American idol.. yea.. wat the hack am i doing??? its only 2 hours per week.. human need some rest ba...  i just so love this year's american idol.. i think they set a really high bench mark for the coming years. They are all so talented that i couldn't imagine how its goona be like when it comes down to only the top 3.. I wonder who...

For last week.. the top 7 performed ; Adam, Danny, Kris, Anoop, Allison, Lil and Matt... For me last week's  performances were just so-so .. i prefered last two weeks especially when Adam shockingly amazed the judges with "Mad World". I love the song so much and i think i began to fancy Adam more after that incredible performance. As for last week's elimination, Matt was saved by the judges. Oh yea.. as usual expected becoz it would be the last opportunity for the judges  to save anyone.. anyway... this week I am looking forward to see who to go.. and this means two contestants to go. haha.. I am betting my foot ... nono  both of my feet  on adam, danny and kris. See u guys in the top 3 ... unless of course... the unexpected happens...

I just had a SUSHI KING feast for my dinner ( coz their r having a promotion and thx to my house mate for the invites :) .. tummy full with salmons swimming in my stomach finding their way out.. : ) ( mind me i am grosss...yeww..)
Ok.. my head spinning again.. having this weird vertigo since.. the day the heatwave crash on Kuching town.. haha... back to studies bobYe!

dizzy cartoon 

-Dizzy bizzy Ivy-

Friday, April 10, 2009

-Get ready, Get set, GO.... ! .....oooppss.. burn out of OIL !!

Just finish my surgerry posting.. am here i am.. lazying around in a saturday afternoon without books that have medical terms on it.. I needed a few days break before the marathon of studying begans for my finals. I need to recharge my strength, pick up my interest of studying  and building a crystal clear mind. 

Oh.. and i realize something! My blog .... is alwiz full of my nagging, bragging and complaints. Haha.. Sorreee... but i just have no place to pour my unsatisfactory feelings or complaints... only to somewhere that people would not be harm.. like in here! ; ) Speaking of my blog, i plan to change it to a better theme.. like more of discussion of life, things, latest gossip and all.. but this has to wait till i finish my finals. ; )

Just yesterday, when i have nothing to do but to watch a movie, i choose TWLIGHT which i long to watch but never got the chance , either i was too busy or the DVD is unclear.. Well, finally i got my chance! I watch it yesterday. And guess wat? I finally became the late-onset fan of twilight series. Oh gosh, the next thing u know.. i began googling up the ebooks. I started off by reading NEW MOON, and i was so engrossingly magnetted to the creative description of every gesture and move of the story , that certain parts of it made my tears tricked down unconsciously. Oh.. no! i could already be addicted at this time , not when my exam is just 3 weeks down the line. sigh.. an addiction to combat now *_*


Neeway,  i truly recommend to all romance lovers, do make a trip to the nearest bookstore to grab a no ...5 complete series of twilight! ; ) 
( thats my plan after exammm.... )

Ok.. nothing much for the day to "COMPLAINED".. except for the tremedous irritable hot and humid weather this afternoon... which coz my head to spin like a top, partially compromising my reading speed. Isshhh...  

-nerdy IVY soon to be-
(duration : 3 weeks) 

Saturday, April 04, 2009

-Exam Triad-

Yes, exam is just next one day. Gosh.. been having my exam syndrome lately. This comprises of :
1) Palpitation --> insomnia
2) Black dark eye-bags
3) Irritable -- > due to insufficient time 

Yes.. i need lots of luck this time. Plz.. save me from bad lucks in exam. I hope my brain don't go jam jam this time.. Finger crossed 90 degrees.. haha... chao!

                                                      -intensed Ivy-

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A bad day to end the weekend...


Yes.. i must complain and brag about today. I've been sitting on my desk since morning , typing my case-writeup and only to know.. i have 2 more to go. IT just won't stop. Its like never-ending story. It not like i wanna write alot, or put in my whole knowledge into it and produce the best case-writeup... no no no.. why has it not end yet. SIgh.. i plan to clear my big nuisance burden so that i can really focus on my coming exam which is only 2 weeks away.. RGhhhh.. its just such a lousy day to waste on CWU.. and one thing ; i develop this wrist and medial ulnar side pain. I suspect it is a radicular pain, originated from some compression of my ulnar nerve secondary to typing too long.. elbows on the table! ish aiks ... now its really real PAIN in my ass.. seriously.. oooo.. next thing i'll be expecting is carpel tunnel syndrome..  damm.. median nerve soon to go.. oh well.. i just hope time is endless for this moment..

I began understanding more on TIME.  TIME is universal ; poor, rich, boy, girl, famous, sick, healthy all... have the equal time to spend (exception t0 people with impending death ahead which then reminds me of the late Randy Pausch "Last Lecture" that i was reading lately - a recommendation to the book and video). However, the way  to spend the time is the factor to differentiate between us all.. I have to admit, despite me aknowledging myself that i did not procrastinate.. the fact that i am still not hardworking makes me, relatively a procrastinator indeed. Thats why i am faced with 2 case writeup at the end of this 2 weeks before exam. Yes.. punch me, kick me, slap me, i am still procrastinating. Who to be blamed, the internet?? my computer?? the timetable?? my tiredness?? watever u call it.. IT ME! 

well.. i just need to finish this CWU now! thx for listening to my bragging..  whoever u r... :)

                                            -miserable tired girl, ivy-